Custom Applications

As one of its functions, EASD team provides the needed capability to create custom applications to automate and streamline many manual and tedious tasks performed by various offices at Mason. Custom applications are needed when off-the-shelf software packages are not available or able to meet certain needs. EASD Team plays a key role in providing the needed solutions for many units around Mason. Feel free to expand the following categories to see a list of applications developed and supported by EASD team.

Under Development

Electronic MOU

EMOU system will be used by various offices to initiate and process Memorandum of Understanding between Mason and other institutions, whether domestic or international. This is a complex process involving many templates,
many reviewing parties, many revisions of an MOU before it is finalized.

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RTS: Adjunct Faculty Hiring

Adjunct Faculty Hiring handles request and approval processes plus contracts generation for adjunct faculty. This system will allow for bulk contract renewal based on existing data in Banne

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RTS: Dessertation Committee

Students can use this system to form their dissertation committee and submit it for approval. Each department has their own criteria. Requests are then processed by chair of committee and approvals are entered by each committee member.

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RTS: Renewal and Reappointment

Faculty Renewal and Reappointment request and approval processes plus contracts generation for faculty Renewal and Reappointment.

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OSP: Budget

This web application allows faculty to create and submit the budget for a proposed project to the granting institution. This application will eventually be integrated as a module for the PODS application.

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In Production and Maintaining

Admission's Deposit site

A custom web application for Admissions Office to allow both graduate and undergraduate students to make their admission’s deposits online. This application integrates with both Banner and Salesforce.

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Budget Information and Request System

Budget Information and Request System (BIRS) was created and is in use by Office of Strategic Budgeting & Planning, and all non-academic units at Mason, including Provost office, to plan and develop annual budget.

It has budget/funding request form, budget reduction form and user end administration functions. A budget proposal request is a complex form with many conditions / calculations associated with it This custom application takes the complexity out of budget proposal submission.

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BNS: Bachelor of Nursing Application

Prospect Nursing students can use this system to apply for various nursing programs. This process is very complicated due to various requirements for each of their programs. The system also allows the admin to perform academic and faculty reviews. Provides voting mechanism for review committee.

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CERS: Course Evaluation & Registration System

This custom application allows Mason students who are interested in taking for credit courses overseas to find and register for online. If student is interested in a course which has not been approved previously, student can submit a request to have that course evaluated and approved.

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COI: Conflict of Interest

All faculty and staff are required to disclose any outside interest, both project related or otherwise. This system provides the annual training and allows them to submit their disclosures. It also allows the system administrators, the office of integrity, to monitor and review the submission.

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EIP: Early Identification Program

Early Identification Program at Mason provides first generation college bound high school students with a path toward higher education at Mason. This is a coordinated process between students, their parents, high school teachers, coaches, county supervisors, and EIP office at Mason.
The EIP web application makes this labor intensive and complicated process easy, secure and accurate for all parties involved.

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Faculty Credentials:

Provost office uses this system to keep track and justify faculty credentials and and their qualifications to teach what they are teaching. This is needed for Mason accreditation process. This qualification / verification process need to be done for every faculty, every course, every semester, every year.

With this web application, this manual and time consuming process is done with great accuracy and in a timely manner. Faculty credentials are pulled from Banner, processed for justification, and proper reports are generated.

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Global Gateway Application

The Global Education office is in need of a system to be able to receive, review and process applications to the Global Gateway and STEM programs. Some admitted freshmen students will receive an invitation to participate in the said programs upon receiving their admissions notification. They can indicate if they are interested to participate and if yes, they will be presented with the application. Upon submitting the application, the Global Ed. staff will have ability to review applications and make a decision.

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GSTF: Graduate Student Travel Fund

Graduate students who are interested in attending conferences can use this application to submit their travel funds for pre-approval. After attending the conference they will also use this system to adjust their initial estimate and submit their actual expenses for proper reimbursement.

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International STEM Academy

Mason International STEM Academy is designed for students interested in a degree in Science or Engineering to complete core requirements before their first semester on campus! Benefits of participating in this program include not only gaining a valuable international experience and perspective, but students who complete this program end up with a little more space in their academic career at Mason by completing five – six semester credits in required course work ahead of their first semester. A math readiness workshop and math placement exam are also offered.

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Law School Deposits

This web application allows Law students to make their deposits online. Credit card are accepted and processed immediately. These deposits are then reflected inside Banner system of records.

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OASIS: Online Adult Student Information Services

Online Adult Student Information Service (OASIS) web application was designed to help those adults who did not complete their degree to evaluate their previous courses and see which path at Mason would help them complete their course work toward a degree.

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Opt-In Application

This system will allow students to provide their consent to Mason to share their contact information, so that they can appear in Mason’s online directory known as PeopleFinder, or receive information about educational and career opportunities or other purposes approved by George Mason University. This system also updates the required flags inside Banner. It also allows teaching faculty to see which students in their class have granted permissions to share their contact info.

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OSCAR: Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research

The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR) provides Mason students the opportunity to connect with faculty and to the research and creative mission of our institution. Students will see their education as a process of discovery, inquiry, and synthesis; these are the core values of the Mason student experience. Faculty engage students in current and relevant activities using new paradigms of instruction and active modeling of critical thinking.

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OSP: COEUS Migration to PODS

OSP was using a system called COEUS. They have decided not to use it any longer and would like to implement all the functionality of COEUS inside PODS application.

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PATS (Post Award Tracking System) is used by OSP to keep track of and manage awarded funds and grants. Also allows the admin to apply modifications to the original terms. The system also sends fund and grant information to Banner.

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This system allows research faculty and staff to submit their Request for Assistance to Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), to get help in applying for outside grants and funding. It also allows OSP staff to keep track and manage these requests.

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RTS: Faculty Hiring

Faculty Hiring request and approval processes plus contracts generation based on various templates.

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RTS: Graduate Faculty Status

Graduate Faculty Status handles requests and approval processes for certain faculty who are classified as Graduate Faculty. It also maintains the list of all Graduate Faculty members.

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SMSC: Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation Studies Application and Management System

Application and App review system and the related course offering management system for Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation Studies

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WSP: Washington Scholars Program

In the upcoming Summer of 2020, George Mason University will be hosting two Washington Scholars Program events – The Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC) and The Washington Youth Summit on the Environment (WYSE). Mason will be selecting the most talented high school students from all over the country that are deemed to be the future leaders in their prospective field. Selected students will be welcomed to join Mason’s international community, have a hands-on learning with industry leaders and experience an integrated and forward-thinking approach to the topics that are valued in their field.

The WSP web application allows interested applicants to register for these programs and select how they want to make their deposits. This system will then fully process their payments. Many complex features have been built into this application to make it easy and flexible for applicants to apply, register, and make their deposit payments.

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Retired Applications

Global Register

Create a system for the Global office to keep track of all activities / project, which are in any way related to other countries. Things like international MOUs, International institutions, International News about Mason, etc.

This system was created in 2012 and was used till 2015. Global office was reorganized and this system was retired.

Graduate Fellowship

Graduate Fellowship office needed a custom application to help graduate students easily search for various fellowships.

This application went into production in early 2013, but was later retired in 2016.

Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

URSP application allows undergraduate students to submit their application for the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program; allows administrators – OSCAR to assign reviewers to review students’ application; allows reviewers to score the applications and write their comments; allows administrators to fund/not fund students’ applications and notify the students.

USTF: Undergraduate Student Travel Fund

Undergraduate students who are interested in attending a conference / seminar will use this application to submit their travel funds for pre-approval. After attending the conference they will also use this system to adjust their initial estimate and submit their actual expenses for proper reimbursement.

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