February 20, 2014

Projects & Activities

Custom Applications

As one of its functions, EASD team provides the needed capability to create custom applications to automate and streamline many manual and tedious tasks performed by various offices at Mason. Custom applications are needed when off-the-shelf software packages are not available or able to meet certain needs. EASD Team plays a key role in providing the needed solutions for many units around Mason. Feel free to expand the following categories to see a list of applications developed and supported by EASD team.


Salesforce Support

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that Mason uses and plans to expand its utilization to provide a full network of services to meet the needs and improve the experience of students.


WordPress Web Sites

EASD team currently maintains and supports close to 50 WordPress websites for various Mason offices. These sites are regularly updated to address any security issues and to improve / enhance functionality and aesthetics. We also provide user training to many of our site owners. If your department or group would like to have a WordPress website, please contact us at EASDhelp@gmu.edu.


3rd Party Application Support

EASD team is tasked with supporting some third-party applications at Mason.