January 1, 2021

why wwe banished photographers from ringside missing announcers on wwe tapes the boogie knights and m_8

m This Smark Wrestlemania Rant by Scott Keith is a part of a series of reposts counting down to this year’s Wrestlemania. They’re re-published”as is” with comparative commentary from if they were composed. Enjoy! The SmarK Retro Re-Rant for Wrestlemania IV — Live in Atlantic City, NJ. — Your hosts are all Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura. Ah, those were the times. — With Wrestlemania XX being nominated to get a four-hour show, I figured we might also have a peek at the very first time a series was scheduled for this long, and just how incredibly boring it might be. This series was obviously set up from the notorious Andre the Giant name win and twin referees, featuring a 14-man championship to the WWF title. The series is in the Trump Plaza Convention Center, which can be less of a stadium in relation to a giant bingo hall, which makes for a bizarre feeling, to say the very least. — Introduction match: a Battle Royale. Who’s f*ck opens a significant show using a battle royale? If ever there was a inexpensive way to find everyone a bit of the gate, then this can be. We’ve got the Hart Foundation, Young Stallions, Sika, Danny Davis, The Killer Bees, Bad News Brown, Sam Houston, The Rougeau Brothers, Ken Patera, Ron Bass, Junkfood Dog, why wwe banished photographers from ringside missing announcers on wwe tapes the boogie knights and more | com The Bolsheviks, Hillbilly Jim, Harley Race and George’The Animal’ Steele. The usual donnybrook to start, as Steele only stands out and pulls legs randomly. First man out is Sam Houston, through Danny Davis. Talk about your poor exits. Sika goes quickly as well. I forget if he’s Rikishi’s daddy or Rosey’s daddy. Bunch of directionless hitting as Steele still won’t get into the ring, and the Bees keep pulling back themselves in. Steele pulls Neidhart over the top to remove him. Ray Rougeau and Brian Blair remove one another, and Jim Brunzell also ends up on the ground in the process. Ron Bass gets dumped by JYD because the thrillride in the ring persists. Gorilla marvels at Danny Davis nevertheless being in after the grueling match. Yeah, 4 moments in. Hillbilly gets chucked by Bad News. Paul Roma dumps Davis using a fireman’s carry, however, Jim Powers gets chucked by Bad News. Hurry and JYD become a headbutt contest, and that goes nowhere, and then Patera becomes rid of the two Russians, but Bad News dumps him from behind. Jacques Rougeau is disposed by Rush. JYD headbutts Rush directly over the surface, leaving us with a closing four of Roma, JYD, Bret Hart and Bad News. Bad News quickly gets rid of Roma, however, heels miscommunication allows JYD to eliminate the heels

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