July 26, 2020

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To make this step simpler, simply use some bias tape and sew it closed lengthwise. I researched a variety of patterns and liked this one best! I want to embody the instructions on placing it on and in addition washing the masks cover . Love, love your patterns and detailed instructions. I even have made a number of of the pleated kind masks and was not pleased at all on how they turned out.

Iif you iron the folded in pieces of the bias tape flat it’s broad sufficient to sew as a part of the pattern together with prime stitching, and still have a space large enough to add a wire. By leaving the ends open , the wire could be removed when washing the masks. I have been making them and sharing this sample on facebook.

So very glad to lastly find patterns for masks with and with out filters as well as utilizing pipe cleaners for the nose space. I printed everything then made use of freezer paper to trace out your patterns and indicated on my freezer paper sample all the information discovered on your pattern. Even went as far as to color code the Mens pattern blue and the Woman & Teenager pink making sure my pattern was properly marked as major cloth and lining. I have loved making my masks utilizing your sample. I additionally added small darts at both sides to my face masks and used nose wire to complete the fit.

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I discovered that knitted fleece cut very skinny and pulled tight makes a dandy lightweight and straightforward to tie cording for these masks. I only wish I had a stash of various colors!! I did buy some parachute wire at Walmart and that works nicely, however seems heavier than needed. I love the pattern and I even have made dozens of masks.

I cannot thanks enough for giving us all this nice data together with patterns and directions. I’ve made about 35 out of assorted materials leftover from quilting. They have been given away to people who wouldn’t have the skill to make them. As you know passion.com scam, there isn’t any elastic available, a minimum of within the country where I live. You have helpfully informed us shoestrings work, or slicing strips of t-shirts too.

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You need to twist the ends right into a loop, in order that they don’t poke through the fabric. After I completed the mask, I ended up working the steel so it formed a nose piece before placing it on. Actually, it looks like she said in 2015 that it was OK to promote masks created from this pattern. Not everyone seems to be so privileged to be able to just give away all of their time and money to donate issues like this.

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One modification I made was the top stitch from the highest of the masks about a half inch channel that’s open at both end. This allows you to slip a bit of wire into the channel which allows you to fit the mask closely to your face by bending the wire to fit over your nostril. The wire may be faraway from the channel before washing. You are absoluetly correct, the condensation created by respiratory through these masks will most probably launch substances in the filters that were not meant to be pressed up in opposition to your nostril.


I sew near the edge of the middle seam allowance of the liner to make a casing. I remove a couple of stitches near the underside of the casing to make a gap the place I can insert a piece of .08 trimmer line, minimize to suit the area from the chin to the nose band. I shut the opening with a few hand stitches and now the masks stays away from my mouth and nose very comfortably without creating any gaps and the trimmer line could be very sturdy and washable. The bag of floral wire I have has 3 totally different weights. They have been fairly stiff compared to the steel band on a disposable masks.


Waterproof fabrics will be tough to breath although, so you will be drawing in air from around your mask anyway. Woven material is simply good for stopping massive dust particles. These do-it-yourself masks are false security and a number of the concepts proposed are probably harmful. I actually have been making filters from interfacing which is a none woven cloth like face masks.

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Yes, don’t attempt to gouge individuals and make a ton of profit, and possibly contemplate donating a good portion of the income to a great, related trigger. But persons are struggling, have lost jobs, and have households to feed during all of this too. You’re still doing an excellent factor, not having the ability to do it at no cost doesn’t make it not a good thing. Thank you a lot for pattern I actually have made one for my husband and I.


I was in a position to do the nostril wire utilizing material stem wire 18 gauge discovered at Wal-Mart in the craft and flower dept. I sewed a three/8″ Seam at top of masks, after I was finished stitching the masks. Then Cut the wire eight″ lengthy and ran the wire through that small opening at prime. When I put the mask on I shaped it to my face. I actually have added a piece of extra wide bias tape to the top seam .